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Easy Tips to Remove Lens Fungus

lens fungus removal guide

Lens fungus is the build-up of fungus inside the lens optical element. Fungus builds inside the lens because of moisture and humidity. A photographer must take all precautions to keep the camera and lens away from direct rain or damp area. If precautions fail then there is a real chance …

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How To Use Camera Metering Modes

learn How To Use Camera Metering Modes

HOW TO USE CAMERA METERING MODES If you are having trouble with your digital camera metering modes, we are here to help you. First of all, you should know what metering mode is. Basically, the metering mode is the way your camera determines the exposure. Read How To Use Camera …

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How To Clean DSLR Sensor using Sensor Swab

Use MENU to clean your sensor

Taking good care of your camera gear is as important as shooting photographs. Sometimes even a grain of dirt on the sensor may destroy the whole photoshoot. There is every chance of dust getting onto the sensor if you work in a dusty environment or outdoors. This generally happens when …

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