New Year Resolution for Photographers
New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018

New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018

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New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018

The Year 2018 is here and everyone will start afresh. A new year is like a new beginning for many of us. People make resolutions for new year only to unfollow it few weeks later. As a photographer we don’t care about ‘resolution‘ as anything above 16 megapixels is more than enough if the quality of lens, sensor and processor is good. Jokes aside, Here are 8 new year resolutions that you should stick by for the entire 2018 and beyond as a photographer. New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018.

  1.  Learn 10 new photography techniques:
    There are a lot of tricks in photography that you may not be knowing or never tried. Learn and perform at-least 10 new photography tricks in 2018. It may be anything from levitation photography, taking macro photos with reverse lens, star trails and creative long exposures. Search for new photography tips and tricks online and you will come across many of them. The best part is while searching you will find and learn new things that you may have never seen before. Learning by exploring and doing is the best method to grow as a photographer. It will also help you to build your own style.
    Read our Photography Tips and Hacks.
  2. Build a Portfolio:
    If you are not active on social media platforms for photographers then you should join one. Photography communities like Facebook groups, Instagram, Flickr, Reddit are still a great way to interact personally with the best in field and learn from them. You can also get feedback and how to become better at what you do from the professionals.
  3. Do a photography project:
    Choose a theme or use your creativity to shoot photographs for the entire year on one particular theme or subject. At the end of the year you will have a fantastic portfolio and you will see how you have progressed throughout the year. It could be based on a color, pattern, theme, subject or any trick.New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018
  4. Stop hating photo processing:
    Photo-manipulation and photo-processing are completely different. Photo-processing is absolutely ethical. Back in old days photographers used to work in darkroom with various chemicals to develop their photos. The same process has evolved to digital platform just like we evolved from film cameras to digital cameras and smartphones in coming future. It’s all part of evolution and we must embrace it gracefully. Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed all are becoming user friendly and are not rocket science.
  5. Go back to film camera days:
    It may be cumbersome to find a photo processing studio if you try to shoot on film. For those who want to get the feel of what it was like to shoot on film may use instant Polaroid cameras. They are relatively inexpensive but will give you a completely different feel as you will get the prints instantly. You can shoot instant group portraits or go professional and shoot landscapes and portraits. Beware that it will test your limits and creativity as a photographer. The quality may not be on par with the modern day DSLR cameras but if the compositing is good it will surely create instant impact on the viewer.
    Check out InstaxMini Polaroid camera.
  6. Make prints of your best works from 2017:
    We all create so many amazing photographs throughout the year. It may be a masterpiece for us or just an instant of time in the memory from the past. Take printouts of your best works and get them framed. Put it in your drawing-room, living space or hang them on the staircase. It will make your living space beautiful and will inspire you to create fantastic memories and photographs for the entire year. It is also a way to showcase your work to the visitors.
    See Printers here.
  7. Enjoy Photography:
    Stop thinking and start enjoying the art of photography. No photographs are good or bad. If you think it is a good photograph then it is a good photograph. Opinions from second person are only their personal taste and perspective. We all have unique perspectives and it is very individual thing. This is what makes us all special. Ask for critics but don’t let anyone judge your work. You are only as good as you think.
  8. Upgrade your Kit Lens to a Prime Lens:
    If you have never used a Prime lens then you have not yet explored the creative and powerful difference that a prime lens can make. They are sharp and gives you better image quality in low light situations. A lens can make a lot of positive difference. Depending on your budget you can get anything between the super cheap 50mm f1.8 and the more expensive 24-70mm f2.8 lens. If you already have a prime lens then you can enter the world of flash photography and get yourself a speedlite. The point is doing something that takes you to next level. I got myself a GoPro Hero 5 last year and helped me to create new wide angle perspective as well as wonderful travel videos. You can check my work here.

Let us know in comments below what would be your new year resolution as a photographer. New Year Resolution for Photographers in 2018.

From our entire team at PixelPluck, we wish you a very happy and bokehlicious New Year 2018.
Happy Photographing. Cheers.
Create, Enjoy, Inspire.

Sonal Kashyap

Founder @PixelPluck . Photographer, Entrepreneur & Traveler. Connect with me and my work on Instagram here 

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