Top 5 Best Cameras of the Year 2017-18

Top 5 Best Cameras of the Year 2017-18

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Top 5 Best Cameras of the Year 2017-18

As 2017 comes to an end, we have seen the industry growing in terms of quality, performance, innovation and competition. The hottest and most anticipated camera of the year has definitely been the Nikon D850. There has been many more product launch in this year 2017. Here are the Top 5 Best Cameras of the Year 2017-18 by different manufacturers. The ranking is randomized and has been made on the basis of performance, popularity and value for price.

Nikon D850
Undoubtedly the CAMERA OF THE YEAR is Nikon D850. A few months after launch it still enjoys the back-ordered status. The demand is extremely high for this Nikon flagship. The Nikon D850 is head and heels high over any of the immediate competitor in the same category. However Nikon D810 still is a very capable and can-do-anything camera. Nikon D850 also became the highest rated camera at it’s launch by DxOMark.

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Sony a7R III
Sony just keeps pushing the boundaries in terms of size to performance ratio with it’s mirrorless lineup. The Sony a7R III is the latest addition to its arsenal of mirrorless cameras. It is a 42.4MP Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera. It boasts a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with gapless on-chip lens design. Along with 10fps shooting capability it has advanced hybrid Auto Focus system with whopping 399 focal-plan phase-detection AF points cover 68% of the image Plane and 425 contrast AF points covering 47% of the image area.

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Canon 5D Mark IV
Definitely one of the most popular among ‘can shoot anything’ lineup of professional DSLR cameras. Canon 5D Mark III finally got an upgrade to Mark IV and the long time gap between the two ensures a host of new functionality and performance upgrades. The Canon 5D Mark IV boasts a 30.4 MP full-frame CMOS sensor for versatile shooting. From weddings to landscapes and everything in between. The closest competitor is the Nikon D850. The 4K video recording capability at 30p or 24p and in-camera still frame grab of 8.8MP images is a handy feature to have.

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Canon EOS Rebel T6  &  Nikon D3400
Both these cameras are inexpensive and popular choice for the beginners. These two cameras proved to be a stepping stone in the field of serious Photography. The price bracket makes them affordable options. Anyone with budget constraints and looking the best value for their money should go with either of these two options. Couple them with some nice pair of lens other than the kit lens and you can only level up from there. A newer model is also available as Canon EOS REBEL T7i but it would be comparatively more expensive.

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iPhone X / Google Pixel 2
The pace at which phone camera technology is evolving is not surprising at all. The phone industry has made Camera Quality, it’s primary marketing point. The demand for better cameras on smartphones has made the compact cameras almost obsolete. The camera capability of iPhone X and Google Pixel are on par with a compact camera. Given that they have advance processor with algorithm to process the image they perform even better. However they just cant beat the depth of field that can only be achieved by true DSLR. But the performance of the latest flagship cameras deserves a mention in 2017. It can only get better from here.

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What lens or camera body you want to upgrade in the Year 2018? Let us know in comments below.

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