Nikon D810 Upgrade to have 46MP Sensor

Nikon D810 Upgrade to have 46MP Sensor

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Nikon D810 Upgrade to have 46MP Sensor

Nikon D810 has completed over 30 months of its life-cycle in the market. With growing competition and cutting-edge innovations, the camera companies are bringing quick upgrades to their DSLR lineup. The market life cycle is reducing with every passing year. Nikon D810 Upgrade to have 46MP Sensor.

Nikon D810 is expected to be replaced by a newer model which may be called Nikon D820 or Nikon D850. According to the latest rumors, the newer model will have a 46MP sensor. There are no further details available at this point in time. Whatever you read anywhere is mere speculation and not detailed and confirmed specifications.

The latest DSLR news report suggests that the D820/D850 will come with a 46MP sensor. This will be an upgrade to the already high 36MP of Nikon D810.

Nikon D810 is already a fantastic camera which is more than enough for most professional photographers. However, professionals always prefer the best available in the market. Anyone looking to upgrade to a full-frame DSLR should wait until the Nikon D810 upgrade is formally announced. Once the Nikon D820 or Nikon D850 is announced we will see a sharp decline in the price of Nikon D810. This would be the right time to invest in a Nikon D810 whose price will come down considerably.

Nikon is also expected to upgrade the Nikon D750 along with the D810. We have already seen discounts and price cut on the existing models where the price dropped by a whopping $300 (USD).

Check the latest Price for Nikon D810 / Nikon D750

It is hard to predict if Nikon D820 or D850 will be a worthy upgrade from the extremely capable Nikon D810. In any case, we are in for a treat from Nikon as it celebrates its 100 years of existence.

The production of Nikon D810 has already been stopped and we expect the newer model is in pipeline. Nikon will be showcasing its new products at the CP+ booth in Japan which is taking place from 23rd of February 2017.

Nikon is also rumored to launch a smaller version of its flagship Nikon D5 dubbed as Nikon D5x.

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