10 Must Have Photography Apps for Professionals

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10 Must Have Photography Apps for Professionals

Apps are extremely helpful in making you learn photography as well as provide technical assistance. There are thousands of apps available online for free as well as for a premium. How do you identify the best apps for a professional photographer that will be useful for them! Most of the top photography apps shown on google playstore as well as the iOS appstore are pretty much useless filters and photo manipulating apps to destroy your photographs.

We have compiled a list of 10 Must Have Photography Apps for Professionals which are actually helpful for a Pro Photographer.

  1. Google Camera: Google camera is one of the simplest yet one of the most powerful camera app available in the app market. If you do not like the stock camera interface and want to turn it into a minimalist yet powerful interface then this app is for you. Most of the phone manufacturers throw in features in the camera app which you will most probably never use after playing around with it when your phone is new.
  2. Google Photos: Google photos will be your ultimate organizer for all the photographs you take on the go. Google introduced visual search which used artificial intelligence to show you search results even without a tag. All the photos will be automatically backed up to the cloud storage and you can use them from any of your device. It also gives you private tools to share upto 1500 photos just with a link. Apart from storage you can also do basic editing and create montage movies, interactive stories, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. It is available for both Android and iOS. google-photos-app
  3. Snapseed: It is one of the best and most powerful editing app available for your smartphone. The tools available in snapseed are user friendly and professional. The features include RAW Develop, Tuning, Perspective adjustment, white balance, curves, brush, selective adjustment, healing and you can also add texts. One of the best feature is the presence of layers just like photoshop where you can work on individual layers inside edit. It is called stack in snapseed. Stacks provide a list of applied filters that you can re-edit or copy and apply to another image. There are also a lot of powerful filters for your use. Once you start using Snapseed you will absolutely love it. There are many other editing apps but none come close to snapseed in terms of available options and power.
    Ambiance is one of our favorite settings Snapseed
  4. Photography News & Reviews by Newsfusion: There are many photography news apps available on both android and iOS but this is one of the best. It uses rss feed from various leading photography websites and puts them at one place in a well organized manner. The news feed is automatically sorted by importance/online buzz of each story. You can make your own feed depending upon your preferences. There is an inbuilt browser which opens up the website in the app itself. You can discuss, up-vote and give reactions on various posts. We  highly recommend using it as your one stop news source for photography along with reddit/r/photography.
  5. HyperFocal Pro: The perfect companion for your DSLR. Hyperfocal Pro does all on-field photography calculations for hyperfocal distance, depth of field, field of view and more. The app can also generates hyper-focal distance table for different f-numbers and lens focal lengths for your camera setup. A comprehensive, regularly updated DSLR database is included to provide support for every DSLRs released till date. The app provides highly accurate results using exact image sensor dimensions for different cameras. All you need to do is enter your DSLR and lens information and get all data for various focal length, aperture etc.
    Easy to use interface.
  6. Helicon Remote: Turn your smartphone into your DSLR controller. Take control of your DSLR over your smartphone. All you need is to tether your camera with your smartphone using a data cable.
    Check compatibility before you download.

    Here are the detailed list of functions available
    – Wi-Fi support (Nikon WT and Canon WFT modules, Canon 6D, Nikon D7100 etc.)
    – Automated focus bracketing (focus bracketing, exposure bracketing and time lapse shooting can be combined in any way possible)
    – Focus stacking result preview
    – Extra long exposures – up to 32 min (all Canon cameras, all Nikons EXCEPT D90, D300(s), D700, D5000, D5100, D7000, D3, D3S, D3X)
    – Advanced exposure bracketing, Image review, Geotagging (on devices with GPS receiver), Full screen Live View, Focus areas highlighting, Live View noise averaging, Time lapse shooting, Video recording, Burst (continuous) shooting.
    Camera compatibility:
    1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1D C, 1D X, 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, 7D Mark II, 40D, 50D, 5DS, 5DS R (5DSR), 60D, 70D, 80D, 100D / SL1 / Kiss X7, 450D / Rebel XSi / Kiss X2, 500D / Rebel T1i / Kiss X3, 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4, 600D / Rebel T3i / Kiss X5, 650D / Rebel T4i / Kiss X6, 700D / T5i / Kiss X7i, 750D / Rebel T6i / Kiss x8i, 760D / Rebel T6s / EOS 8000D, 1000D / Rebel XS / Kiss F, 1100D / Rebel T3 / Kiss X50, 1200D / T5 / Kiss X70, 1300D / Rebel T6 / Kiss X80
    D4, D4s D5, Df, D500, D600, D610, D750, D800/D800e, D810, D810A, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D7000, D7100, D7200, D3, D3s, D3x, D700, D300/D300s, D90 (D3000 – D3300 are not supported).

    Video recording:
    – all Nikon cameras EXCEPT D90, D300(s), D700, D3, D3S, D3X, D5000, Df;
    – all Canon cameras.

  7. Triggertrap: Triggertrap’s sound sensor is totally configurable so you can get extra trigger happy with your camera! Triggertrap allows extreme exposure control, and lets you push the boundaries of HDR photography. It combines the capabilities of several expensive camera accessories into a single, affordable product. You will need a triggertrap dongle to use this app.
  8. LightMeter: Lightmeter lets you calculate and sense available light and that helps you take accurately exposed photographs under various light conditions. Please note that this app is dependent on your phone’s sensor and can perform only as good as your phone is.
  9.  Model Releaser: If you’re going to be taking photos of people or people’s property that you intend to use for other uses than personal, you’re going to need to get their permission. This app makes it easy to collect signatures from your models or the owners of property so you can legally use their images. PDF format will be generated and it can be used as a document of contract.
  10. We are leaving one spot for recommendation from our readers and visitors. Do not forget to add an app in comments below to help fellow photographers. 🙂



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