Nikon D850 – Everything You Need To Know

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Nikon D850 – Everything You Need To Know

Nikon D850 has been confirmed. In this article we discuss the list of probable features and specifications. Nikon D810 has been the flag-bearer for professional DSLR body for Nikon, along with Nikon D5. Now that D810 has already completed it’s market life cycle, it will be replaced with the Nikon D850. Here is Nikon D850 – Everything You Need To Know as of now.

Nikon is celebrating it’s 100 years of existence and what could be better time than 2017 to launch the Nikon D850 professional DSLR body! Nikon D850 has been rumored for almost one year now. Now that it has been confirmed let’s look at everything you should know about the Nikon D850.

Here is the complete updated specs:

Here’s what we now know the Nikon D850 camera as of now
 45.75MP FX full frame CMOS sensor

    180,000 RGB sensor that’s same as the D5, with better face detection and enhanced scene recognition

    Native ISO range of 64-25600 (expandable to 32-108400)

    153-point AF system with 30% more frame coverage than the D5

    Center AF point -4EV, and all others -3EV

    8K timelapse shooting

    4K UDH video recording in FX with no crop

    51-photo buffer when shooting in 14-bit RAW

    3.2″, 2.36-million-dot tilting LCD touchscreen with improved gesture control

    7fps continuous shooting standard, 6fps with autofocus, 9fps when using a battery grip

    30ps at 8MP using the electronic shutter

    RAW can be small, medium, and large resolutions

    0.75x magnification viewfinder, the first for a full-frame DSLR

    Focus stacking. The camera can shoot up to 300 photos with 10 levels of bracketed focus from nearest to infinity for software to stack afterwards.

    Natural Light AWB achieves better white balancing in natural light

    Completely silent electronic shutter while shooting in live view.

    There’s no low-pass filter

    Dual SD + XQD card slots

Nikon D850 - Everything You Need To Know
Nikon D850
  1. 46 Megapixel Senor:
    The megapixel war is not going to end anytime soon. The top camera manufacturers are concentrating less on improving the sensor quality and more on the marketing aspect. The new Nikon D850 is said to have a massive 46 megapixel sensor. You will need a powerful processor in your computer to handle the RAW files coming out of the new D850. The Nikon D810 already has 36 megapixel sensor. Megapixels are great for macro shots and large billboard advertisement photographs where you need a lot of details and may need cropping.
  2. Price Drop for Nikon D810:
    This is quite normal. Whenever a newer model is launched the price for the old model drops by a few hundred dollars. This means that anyone looking to upgrade to a full frame from crop sensor can buy the Nikon D810 as it is already a fantastic camera in terms of performance. We reported a drop in price of Nikon D810 here. The production of Nikon D810 has been stopped a few months ago. The reason for late introduction of Nikon D850 could be attributed to clearing of Nikon D810 stocks. Check ⇒ latest price of Nikon D810.
  3. Improved High ISO Performance:
    Nikon D810 had ISO 64-12,800 expandable to 51,200 for usable results and it will get a boost with newer and improved processor along with advance image processing algorithm.
  4. Price:
    Nikon D810 has seen a price drop and the new D850 will be priced competitively. The expected price of the new Nikon D850 will be priced for US $3,300 to US $ 3,500. Incidentally this was also the price for Nikon D810 at launch which fell after launch.
  5. Launch Date for Nikon D850:
    The new Nikon D850 is expected to be officially announced in August 2017 and will be available by October 2017.

There will be a further price drop for ⇒ Nikon D750 and Nikon D810. Nikon is also expected to share information about it’s newly patented curved sensor which may be revolutionary technology in the upcoming years.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information on the upcoming Nikon D850. Let us know in comments below what you expect from the Nikon D850.

Note this is the only information available as of now and anything else is mere speculation and rumor.

The Nikon D850 was first reported here.

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