Nikon D810 Price Drops after Production Stopped

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Nikon D810 Price Drops after Production Stopped

Nikon D810 has been on production since July 2014. Given that Nikon has a history of around two and half year of production cycle, a new version is expected to be announced. The new upgrade of Nikon D810 will not be a D820 and Nikon will directly jump to Nikon D850 as successor of Nikon D810. Nikon D810 Price Drops after Production Stopped.

Trusted website Nikon Rumor has reported that the Nikon D810 will not be in production in 2017.

Another strong indication is steep price drop on the Nikon D810 body across all the vendors including B&H and Amazon. This is a good news for anyone looking to upgrade to a full frame. D810 is a top of the line DSLR. Pair it with a good lens and all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.


Once the newer Nikon D850 is confirmed we will see further price drops on the D810 body. Those who already have Nikon D810 or are looking to upgrade to a full frame can wait for few months and directly jump to the upcoming D850 as a long term investment. There is also talks of a mini Nikon D5 to be announced as Nikon D5x.

Check latest price of Nikon D810 here.

Both Nikon and Canon are introducing newer models and upgrades faster than ever in history given the marketing competition and rapid technological advancements. The newer models may not have something revolutionary but even slightly improved specs and performance are good reason to upgrade for a professional who does not want to compromise with quality when the clients demand the best.

Nikon is celebrating it’s 100 year of existence in the year 2017 and apart from multiple initiatives we should not be surprised to see new models being introduced. Read about Nikon D5x and Nikon D850 here.

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