Nikon D7500 Went On An Extreme Trip

Nikon D7500 Went On An Extreme Trip

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Nikon D7500 Went On An Extreme Trip

A Nikon D7500 user from Taiwan took his camera on a extreme trip in USA, crossing deserts, mountains and everything in between. If you are going on a trip, riding a bike that crosses 20,000 kilometers from the Arctic Circle to the desert, which camera will you bring? Read how Nikon D7500 Went On An Extreme Trip.

This year Luo Spark, who started from Alaska Anchorage and rode the SUZUKI V 1000cc motorbike across the Arctic Circle to the north end of North America: “dead horse”, further south all the way across the entire North American continent and took his Nikon D7500 with him.

Nikon D7500 dslr extreme weather performance

According to Luo, four features of Nikon D7500 make it very suitable for this journey.
1. Top Weather-ability
2. Top Endurance
3. Outstanding high ISO performance and Dynamic Range
4. Video Performance

Top weather resistance:
Due to the wide range of terrain along the way, whether it is the windy and rainy weather of Alaska, or the ice and snow in the Arctic Circle, or even the Nevada’s hot desert, the Nikon D7500 faithfully recorded the entire trip. It never had any problems.

The road leading to the Arctic Circle is known as the “Top Ten Dead Roads in the World.” Because it is an unpaved construction method, sand and dust are always in the air. In rainy season it is full of muddy water. He drove four days just in mud.

So the most important performance metric for a camera during a trip was “weather-ability”. As you know there’s no service center or garage in the wilderness, no camera shop and the next place to buy a camera often one or two thousand kilometers away, anti-drip and dust-proofing are just the basics.
However, the ability of the camera to resist the seawater is another challenge taken by the coastline of the western United States. Unlike the west coast of Taiwan where he originally belongs to, the west coast of the United States is mostly rocky shore. For long time the body and lens is stained with a layer of sea fog.

Nikon D7500 low light capability
10 seconds exposure, ISO 1600

Death Valley across Nevada is another scene, where the year-long hot or even once recorded the hottest surface temperature of 58 degree Celsius. It was extremely dry. The heat also affects the camera but it managed well. D7500  while capturing video or taking long exposures, managed the overheating very well.

Top endurance:
In addition to all kinds of bad weather, the other great issue is charging. In Alaska and Northwest Yukon, Canada, inconvenience of accommodation is a big issue, of course, for young people who are experiencing tourism, they can not afford to live in expensive places. They camp to save money as well as enjoy the nature. This is one of the reasons that you will not have a charging point for few days during your journey. The battery-life may prove to be a make or break while buying a camera for traveling and long trips. You can obviously buy more batteries and keep them charged before you leave but you never know how much is enough once you are out in the wild where every next step opens up a beautiful landscape inviting you to capture photographs.

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Excellent high ISO performance and Dynamic Range
Although the Nikon D7500 is an APS-C which means it is a crop sensor camera, it still performs remarkably well even in low-light and high-contrast situations. It has even been able to catch up with its own parity. The face of aurora, sky, back-light occasions, still at ease.

The Nikon D7500’s high-sensitivity sensor not only overcomes light and dark contrast, but also produces less contrast and less-saturated images of poor ambient lighting conditions which can be easily restored during post processing.

Nikon D7500 raw before and after

When Luo arrived in Death Valley, it was already dark. But he was pleasantly surprised with the capability of RAW shootings on D7500 when he later processed the images and pulled up the exposure. There was no loss in colors and details.

It is a well known fact that Nikon D7500 inherits the characteristics from big brother Nikon D500, at a lower price but does not compromise in terms of quality and ruggedness. In conclusion it is a blessing for consumers with lower budgets.

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Images shot on Nikon 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens.

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Nikon D7500 Specifications:
Sensitivity  20.88 MP, the latest Expeed 5 image processing engine.
100-51200 (extendable to 1,640,000).
Metering Professional machine / full-frame machine at the same level, “high light bias” metering.
180,000 pixel RGB sensor.
8fps with continuous focus.
51-point AF, the new “group focus” mode.
-3EV ~ 19EV focus detection range.
Carbon fiber body, anti-drip & anti-dust.
New clamshell touch screen.
Deeper grip design, feels solid.
Built-in “RAW batch processing function” to significantly reduce the post-production time.
4K video recording support for 4K UHD / 30P or 1080 / 60P movies.
Highest 4K time- lapse video at the same level and automatically output as video.
MOV & MP4 format.
support AAC audio support.
weight 720g (including battery memory card).
Battery life of 950 shots or continuous video for 80 minutes.
Built-in flash system, the other remote control or wireless trigger flash.
Support UHS-I SD card.
Top Set mode dial, easy to operate.
New automatic color control, automatically adjusts according to different scenes.

h/t: Nikon Taiwan

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