Someone Stole Entire Sony Camera Gear Truck in Las Vegas

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Someone Stole Entire Sony Camera Gear Truck in Las Vegas

Reports are coming in from various confirmed sources that an entire truck which has all the broadcasting gear has been stolen while on it’s way to Las Vegas. The truck full of camera gear and equipment was going to NAB. NAB is the convention of National Association of Broadcasters being held in Las Vegas this year. Someone Stole Entire Sony Camera Gear Truck in Las Vegas.

The news has been confirmed by SAR which has corroborated this with their own source:

“I can confirm the truck was indeed stolen. I’m from a partner company that’s helping scramble in getting replacement supplies. I found out this morning and actually googled to see if there was any news reports online yet. Our products were also on the truck.”

This is not the first time that an entire truck along with the equipment has been stolen. There were two instances almost seven years ago when two trucks with camera gear were stolen.

We expect the thieves to be caught soon as the investigation is already underway. If not then head to online black markets where you will soon find some of the best gear from the Sony like the Sony Alpha Series and some great lenses being sold for fraction of original price.

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