Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200

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Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200

Nikon has officially announced the new DSLR camera Nikon D7500. The specifications and price which we reported earlier are now confirmed. According to Nikon press release the new Nikon D7500 is ready to break the boundaries of photography with it’s top of the line features and specifications in it’s category. Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200.

The new D7500 has the flagship DX-style camera D500’s genes, equipped with the same high-performance EXPEED 5 image processing engine, designed for photographers and film shooters designed for further. Compared to the previous generation model D7200, this new Nikon digital monocular camera has greatly improved, with extraordinary performance, to help photographers track and capture the wonderful moments. Fuselage has been redesigned, plus 4K UHD video recording function and the ultimate low light and the main capture performance, bringing accurate and delicate shooting experience.


Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200
Nikon D7500

The D7500 supports 4K UHD video capture to help you capture movie-like adventures; the camera is equipped with a high-performance EXPEED 5 image processing engine and the latest 1920-90-megapixel DX format CMOS image sensor, both with high ISO Sensitivity shooting, the image is still clear and bright. The above two configurations are inherited from the Nikon D500, so that photographers can fully realize the potential, in a very challenging shooting environment to break through the boundaries. The camera has ISO 100 to 51200 sensitivity range, shooting in dark environment can minimize noise.

Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200

The D7500 is equipped with a 180-megapixel RGB sensor metering system and a 51-point AF system for highly accurate autofocus (AF), auto exposure (AE) and automatic white balance, greatly improving the ability to capture the subject, so that the possibility of unlimited infinite extension The In addition, the camera can at a speed of about 8fps shoots up to 50 lossless 14 bit RAW image, you freeze every perfect moment. Above all the features to do in the redesigned, more compact and lightweight body, deepened handle to hold the camera more flexible.

The camera supports SnapBridge 4 features, built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi®, allowing you to share extraordinary photos and great experiences anytime, anywhere.

With the new D7500, photographers can maximize camera performance even in a challenging shooting environment. They are brave in the desert and explore the rainforests, capturing colorful, lifelike images, thanks to the latest Nikon DX format 20.9 million pixel CMOS image sensor and high-performance EXPEED 5 image processing engine. Camera ISO sensitivity up to 51200, even in the dark environment shooting, can still minimize the noise, bringing high-definition images.

The D7500 also has a reduced flicker feature that helps to reduce exposure due to blinking light when shooting still images.

A range of new features that ensure speed and accuracy, making it easier for photographers to track and capture moving subjects. The camera is equipped with 51-point AF system and up to about 8 per second 3 high-speed continuous shooting speed, whether it is marathon player’s grace, or surfers splashing heavy spray, every moment of the dynamic moment can be taken at the camera within. The D7500 is ideal for photographers who are looking for a higher degree of freedom and want to master a full-fledged camera. The camera’s buffer capacity increases dramatically, allowing up to 50 simultaneous shooting of up to fifty 14 bit lossless compressed RAW photos at high speed continuous shooting. The camera is equipped with the same 18-megapixel RGB sensor metering system as the D500 to support advanced scene recognition systems, enhance AF area detection performance in the automatic area, and enhance the group AF main body capture performance and 3D tracking performance. The camera also added high light partial metering function 6 , to prevent the screen part of the high light exposure.

The camera adds multiple multiple exposures and built-in RAW processing options. When you take multiple exposure photos, you can instantly preview the individual images and the effect of the overlapping parts. Once you have finished shooting, you can choose to store all or selected images for later compilation on your computer. The new multi-exposure option also includes the ability to delete or remake the last image, simplifying the entire shooting process.

Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200
Nikon D7500 Top

D7500 weighing about 720g , slim body is more compact, easy to hold, and more maneuverability, easy on the road while walking. Camera exterior design ergonomic, deepened handle to hold more comfortable, do not have a tripod, hand-held shooting more stable. In addition, the camera uses a one-piece body structure, reduce the size and weight at the same time, durability and strength of the slightest reduction.

The camera also uses a more slim new flip touch screen, so that photographers to achieve creative composition and photography style. With easy-to-use touch-user interface, photographers can easily set options and view images, and control auto-focus and other functions during shooting.

D7500 will be available in June 2017, with even AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f / 3.5-5.6G ED VR lens kit or single body available for purchase. The price for Nikon D7500 body only will be $1200. With this announcement the price of Nikon D7200 will fall down and it may be a good bargain for anyone who is looking to upgrade from an entry level DSLR camera. Nikon D7500 Announced 4K EXPEED5 8fps ISO 51200.

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