DSLR Tricks for Macro Photography on Budget

DSLR Tricks for Macro Photography on Budget

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DSLR Tricks for Macro Photography on Budget 

With the price of DSLR coming down everyone is moving directly to a DSLR from their smartphone. Compact camera sales are down and the trend will continue as smartphone cameras keep getting better. If you have a DSLR camera and looking for some tricks to experiment with your macro photographs by increasing your creative ability then stick around. We are sharing easy DSLR macro photography tips and tricks here. DSLR Tricks for Macro Photography on Budget.

Reverse Lens Macro Photography:

You do not need to invest in an expensive and dedicated macro lens to take macro photographs. There are a few workaround to get fantastic macro photos. It may not be as good as the dedicated macro lens photographs but will just do the job if you master the art of photography with a reverse macro lens. reverse lens macro lens tutorial
You will need a reverse lens adapter which are cheap and easily available. It will help you to mount the reverse lens on your camera. This setup will need a lot of light so try is outdoor on a sunny day or use artificial lights or flashes while shooting indoors. Opening the aperture all the way to widest possible point will result in very thin focus window. This means that very small part of the subject will be in the line of focus. So close down the aperture to something like f8 to get better focus window and to keep the subject in focus. Here is how aperture effects macro photographs. DSLR Tricks for Macro Photos on Budget  Use of a good tripod is highly recommended as it will reduce any blur. While shooting macro photos even the slightest shake of hands may result in blur and soft photos. Here is how the 50mm lens looks while mounted in reverse. reverse lens macro photography tricksAnother way is to use the Kenko extension tubes and an AF lens. With these two you can maintain metering, autofocus  and VR (vibration reduction). Check out Kenko Extension tubes here. They are relatively expensive but a lot cheaper than dedicated macro lenses.

Don’t want to experiment? Find Macro Lenses here.

Read our detailed tutorial on Macro Photography here.

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