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Spark Your Creativity With This Lensbaby Spark

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Spark Your Creativity With This Lensbaby Spark .

Rules are meant to be broken if you want to explore the creative horizons of photography. Sparkbaby lens gives you the freedom to bend the rules. You can bend, squeeze, and stretch it to focus your shot just the way you want it. You are no longer constrained to a single focus window of your lens. Bend the focus window and have some fun while you create some masterpieces out of ordinary situations.

The idea behind Spark is to make it even easier for anyone with an interchangeable lens camera to create amazing effects — you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on lenses.lens baby spark reviewedHere is how it works. It creates a sweet spot in your field of view with maximum focus. It is a selective focus lens which means that it creates a sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur in any direction and not just behind the subject.


Lensbaby Spark opens the door to creativity.

You can use a whole lot of filters and other accessories to further add creativity into your photograph. You can use filters to get custom bokeh shapes in the background. So cool?

Overall, it’s rather quick to learn, but it’s going to take a while to master. This is one of those things that will take a lot of practice to understand the lens and the operation. You also need to learn holding it properly so that you get the best out of it. If you are used to holding the camera in one hand and the lens in another then that won’t work here. it’s too unstable. Instead, you need to learn how to hold the camera and the lens with both hands at the same time.

  •  It’s super super light. You barely know it’s on the camera.
  •  There are no electrical contacts, which means the lens and aperture exif data (even though it’s fixed) are not in the photo file.
  • The minimum shooting distance is a rather long 13 inches. But you can use some cheap extension tubes and create macros.

If you play well and figure out how to use it then it will give you some nice tack sharp photos. The Spark will force you to make conscious decisions and really play with focus and composition.

lensbaby sample photo and review

Lensbaby  Sparks on On a Full Frame: 
This lens really shines on full frame! The effect is comparatively less in most photos using a crop sensor. What actually happens is that with full frame, the area of focus takes up much less of the frame, and thus provides a much better effect. With a full frame you get a bigger viewfinder, which also helps tremendously with the manual focusing.

Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit:
Combine Lensbaby with Spark with Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit which includes one of each shaped aperture: birds , diamonds, dripsplat, heart, slots, star, swirly, sunburst and whirlpool.
Creative aperture disks have shapes cut out of them, and drop into the front of a Lensbaby lens just like regular Lensbaby aperture disks. The shape will appear anywhere bright points of light (peculiar highlights) are out of focus (ie, decorative lights at night or the sun shining through leaves) in an image. This effect is visible through the viewfinder.

Learn how to get better bokeh here:
Bokeh Tutorial.

Sample Photo from Lensbaby Spark :
lensbaby spark review

How to use Lensbaby Spark with any DSLR camera:

  • To get started attach the lens then adjust your view finder’s focus.
  • Put your camera in manual mode. It’s okay if your display shows F 00 or F — because your aperture is already set in the lens.
  • Set your ISO according to how much light you have. Low ISOs are best for bright light, high ISOs are best for darker lighting conditions.
    Read low light Photography Tips here: Better low light Photos.
  • Use your camera’s light meter to help you choose a shutter speed.
  • Take a test shot and use your LCD screen to preview the image or to check the histogram. If you’re using the histogram try to get the lines to peak near the middle of the graph.
  • If your image is too dark then you need to slow down your shutter speed or increase your ISO. If the image is too bright then you need to speed up your shutter speed or decrease your ISO.
  • To focus point your lens and squeeze. Squeeze a little for closer items and a lot for things far away. If you’re having trouble try switching to live view mode. Once you find your sweet spot of focus you can tilt the lens to move the sweet spot anywhere in the frame.
  • Lens baby is available for both Canon and Nikon. Have fun shooting and share your favorite shots with us. 🙂

Check best price here: LensBaby Spark
Here is a book that will help you get the best out of your lens-babies : Lensbaby: Bending your perspective 2nd Edition by Corey Hilz 

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