Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer

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Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer

Location and shooting environments are something which can never kill the creativity, perspective and vision of  a professional photographer. A professional photographer will always come up with creative and different ideas in all kinds of situation. Here are some examples of ordinary locations used by a photographer and using it to their advantage to create extraordinary photographs. Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer.

Being a professional photographer with an amateur camera over being an amateur photographer with a professional camera is any day better. But being a professional photographer with a professional camera is exponentially better. The quality of the image can change not just based on the camera’s settings, aperture, shutter speed, film speed, but the software and the lens as well. The post-processing software can significantly impact the quality of the image, while the lens substantially impacts the capture of light and colors.

Ordinary Location vs Photographer (1)
Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer

It’s also the difference of lighting, equipment and cropping. You can not just Photoshop those ordinary photos to look like those well done photos if you tried your hardest. If you can then you should rather work as a graphic designer than a photographer. Turning things right in camera itself it an art which professionals master. Off-course a little touch-up is always a welcome addition when essentially required.

Ordinary Location vs Photographer (2)
Ordinary Locations – Extraordinary Photographer

The intent of the photo plays a big part as well. The photos taken by normal people are at normal human height and normal human perspective. They are the kind of photo you take to capture a memory. The photographer ones look radically different generally because they use less normal angles and zooms and try to capture an idea instead. While the second one is great for putting on a post card or saying “look what a good photo this is” for 90% of people wanting to take a picture of something they are rather meaningless and rather worthless. When the second photograph is barely recognizable compared to the first then you are failing at the most fundamental level at what most people take pictures for.

Ordinary Location vs Photographer (3)
Ordinary Locations – Extraordinary Photography

Photoshop is for correcting the ambient lighting, adding or reducing saturation and maybe a few specific touch ups. The effect you’re looking here comes from having a low depth of field. This effect is created by some combination of a large image sensor (learn about Crop Sensor vs Full Frame DSLR), large aperture, and relatively high focal length (85+mm). In simpler terms, a DSLR and a zoom lens shot at F4 or lower. Here is a post in detail about getting beautiful blur in the background.

Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer
Ordinary Locations vs Professional Photographer

At the end the most important thing inside the photograph is your subject. Storytelling needs a subject in particular mood to convey the emotions which may add up well to the whole photograph and enhance it’s impact. A professional photograph is a combination of many aspects of photography including creativity, vision, perspective, framing, post-processing and most important the experience that comes with a professional.

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