Essential Camera Accessories for Photographers

Essential Camera Accessories for Photographers

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Once you get your camera and get familiar which the art of photography. There are certain tools and accessories that you will find useful. A good photographer takes good care of his gear. In this post, you will find the list of Essential Camera Accessories for Photographers.

Getting a camera is just one step in the right direction for the love of photography. The next step involves taking a lot of photographs whenever you find an opportunity. The more photographs you take, the more you will improve as a photographer. Learning from your own experiments and failures is a better teacher than copying others. The first critic of your photography should be you, yourself. Only then take opinions from others. Photography is a subjective art. What you think is an art might not be pleasing to others. Trust yourself and keep improving to become the best version of yourself as a photographer.

RankCamera Accessory
1Lens Pen
2Rocket Blower
3Camera Bag
4Shoulder Strap
5External Flash
Camera Accessories Guide

Lens Pen

Lens Pen is basically a pen-shaped tool for cleaning optical surfaces without leaving any residue or marks. Lenspen is a handy item for any photographer. It clears smudges, fingerprints as well as little dust and dirt particles from the surface of the lens. It also comes with a retractable soft brush which helps in getting the dust off the lens body. The main cleaning tip contains a carbon compound that cleans the optics without leaving any mark. It has a significant advantage over a microfiber cloth. You don’t touch the tip of the cleaning tool thereby eliminating any possibility of transferring oil or duct from your fingers to the lens. Once the cap is put, the cleaning tip is secured from contamination.

Rocket Blower

Rocket blowers are a popular tool in every photographer’s bag. When squeezed, it blows high velocity compressed air through the tiny nozzle which easily blows away any spec of dust or hair strand. Rocket blowers are especially useful in outdoor environments and dusty locations. Blowing with your mouth will spray droplets on the camera or lens which will create strong spots when they dry out. These spots will be visible in photos in terms of soft spots.

Camera Bag

A camera bag is different than a backpack. A dedicated camera backpack is an essential addition for all types of photographers. A good quality camera bag should be able to resist bumps and scratches. Water-resistant surface or rain cover is a plus factor. It should have easy to access flaps and zippers to get the camera out quickly. An ideal camera bag must be lightweight and sturdy. Camera bags are safety gear and one must not negotiate the quality. Most cheap camera bags and backpacks are substandard or inefficient. Investing in a good camera bag will save you from accidental damages and be ergonomic to use in long term. Here is a link to the list of the best value-for-money Camera bags for all kinds of photographers.

Shoulder Strap

Most of the DSLR cameras come with a neck strap. For beginners and hobbyists, it will just do the job. Mirrorless is lightweight but DSLR cameras are weighty. When you are shooting for a long time period then it will give you neck pain. It also becomes clumsy when you have to bend to pick something up. The easiest way to carry a camera is using a shoulder strap. It distributes the weight onto the shoulder and the camera hangs on one side when not in use. It comes with a flexible hook which means that the camera can move freely like a rail on the strap. This makes it quicker to use and easier to carry. We highly recommend you replace the generic neck strap with a shoulder strap if you shoot frequently.

External Flash or Speedlite

Photography is all about controlling the light and using it creatively. However, there are times when the light is either too low or coming from an incompatible angle. Using a flash will help you develop creative lighting skills and enhance your photographs. There is a lot of affordable Speedlite in the market. The cheaper ones don’t come with TTL (Talk Through Lens). Read our detailed guide about Speedlite which will help you decide about the best Flash that you need for your camera model.


Tripods are best friends for photographers who enjoy shooting long exposures. A sturdy tripod will get you sharp photos when combined with a remote shutter release or timer. Landscape photographers must have a good solid tripod in their kit. A ball head tripod is better than a pan and told tripod as the ball head will give you more flexible angles. One of our all-time favorites and affordable tripod is Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100. A cheaper alternative would be the Dolica AX620B100 Ball Head tripod which comes at the fraction of the price of professional tripods but is a bang for the buck.
[Links for Tripods in USA or India or Europe]

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