Top 10 Essential DSLR Accessories for Beginners

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There is no end to the number of accessories you will need as you evolve into a professional photographer from being a hobbyist. However, there are some camera accessories that you must have as a beginner to get the best out of all situations. We have updated the list of top 10 accessories you must have as a beginner in 2021. This will cover most of your needs as a beginner photographer. It will also help you to create some unique photographs which would be impossible otherwise. In this article, you will find out the Top 10 essential DSLR accessories for Beginners in 2021.

Essential DSLR Camera Accessories

RankDSLR Accessories
3Camera Backpack
4External Flash
5Rocket Blower
6Spare Battery
7Storage Devices
8Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
9Remote or Shutter Release cable
10Mini Softbox
Top 10 essential DSLR accessories for Beginners
Top 10 essential DSLR accessories for Beginners

Top 10 essential DSLR accessories for Beginners

10. Mini Softbox for Speedlight

Softbox softens the direct harsh light coming from a light source like a Speedlite. All the various softboxes create even and diffused light by directing light through some diffusing material, or by “bouncing” light off a second surface to diffuse the light. The sides and back of the box are lined with a bright surface – an aluminized fabric surface or an aluminum foil, to act as an efficient reflector. It can be mounted on your external flash. There are also miniature softboxes for the integrated flash on DSLR.
Buy: Mini Softbox for Speedlight [USA]

9. Remote or Shutter Release cable

If you are planning to do long exposure photography then you must have either a Remote or Shutter release cable. Modern DSLR cameras come with an inbuilt intervalometer for time-lapse photography which lets the photographer set number of frames and time settings. For any exposure longer than 30 seconds i.e. in Bulb mode, you need one of these. Remote keeps the camera stable and gets sharper images because of the handsfree shutter release.
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8. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber or microfibre is synthetic fiber finer than one decitex per thread. (Decitex is units that relate to the weight, or density, of the yarn used to make artificial cloth). Microfiber cloth is also called magicfiber. Unlike cotton, microfiber cloth leaves no lint on the cleaned surface. They can be used to clean lenses, glass, and optical surfaces on camera equipment. Microfiber cloths can easily remove the smudges from the camera lens. It is ideal to use a microfiber cloth on the DSLR camera and lens because of its softness. These are the cheapest but most useful camera accessories.
Buy: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth [USA]

7. Storage Devices

Hard Drive:

If you shoot extensively, you will be running out of space on your computer hard-drives within a short period of time. You must have an external hard-drive for easy storage and mobility. Cloud storage also helps but you will need a fast internet connection every time you want to access your file. It is industry standard to keep a hard copy of all the photographs. Make sure that you upload one copy to the cloud servers too. This will ensure that you will never lose your photos. 2TB is sufficient for an average hobbyist photographer who doesn’t shoot videos.
Buy: Hard-Disks [USA]

Memory Card:

The more you have, the better it is. It is a good idea to have lots of memory cards in medium capacity than having just one of large capacity. Small storage capacity memory cards are not useful as they will quickly run out of storage space when you shoot in RAW format on the DSLR. For example 2 memory cards of 32GB each is better than carrying one 64 GB memory card. Ideally, carry 2 x 32GB and 2 x 64GB for travel and assignments. If you lose or corrupt that one memory card then you lose all files.
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6. Spare Battery

When you are shooting outdoors or traveling, the chances of you running low on the battery are high, especially in a cold environment. Always carry one spare battery while traveling or going for an extended outdoor shoot. If you are using a flash then carry spare AA batteries too. Avoid third party batteries for your camera as they may fry the electronic circuit of your DSLR camera. Only get authentic batteries from the brand manufacturer. Original camera batteries are easily available online.
Search: Spare Battery for Your Camera Model [USA]

5. Rocket Blower

Rocket blowers are of great help to dust off the particles which may enter inside your camera and may get stuck on the sensor or mirror. Many a time hair strands are stuck on the lens, mirror, or on the sensor itself. Blowers are the best tool as you need not touch-sensitive surfaces. Just blow the high-speed air using the rocket blower and it will remove the particles. These dirt particles produce soft spots on the photographs which may need lots of post-processing. It is a good habit to use a rocket blower while changing the DSLR lenses.
Buy: Rocket Blower [USA]

4. External Flash / Speedlite

The most important aspect of photography is light. Having an external flash or Speedlite not only compensates in the low light situation but also gives you creative control. Bouncing lights from walls will give you evenly lit portraits without harsh shadows. Having an external flash will open a whole new world of creative freedom to show your creativity. The next thing you may consider is getting a radio trigger for your flash to get it off-camera. Branded external flash is expensive for beginners. You can always start with cheaper alternatives. Read the article linked below to learn about external flash and the best options.
We have a detailed Guide on Getting an External Flash here: Top 10 External Flash

3. Camera Backpack

Good camera equipment needs good care. DSLR cameras and lenses are expensive electronic gears and need to be carried and stored safely. Having a good, user-friendly, and well-padded camera bag will increase the life of the camera gear and absorbs small shocks and bumps. It will avoid any damage to your camera gear. It’s always good to prefer backpacks from reputed brands like Lowepro, Vanguard, Amazon Basics, etc. Consider a backpack with a built-in rain-cover.
We have compiled the list of best Backpacks for DSLR Cameras here: Best DSLR Backpacks

2. Tripod

A Tripod is a must for most photographers looking to shoot long exposures. You can make up with any steady surface but to get a perfect angle and in all situations, you will need a sturdy tripod. Don’t buy a cheap Tripod made for point and shoots. Invest in a good tripod and that may last lifelong without the need for an upgrade. Some good value for money beginner options is Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit & Manfrotto MKBFRA4R-BH. But if you are on a budget then nothing better than Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head which comes for less than $50 while being loaded with features. Ball head tripods are better for still photography because of their flexible movements and varied angles.
Buy: Dolica AX620B100 Ball Head [ USA ] or Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB

1. LensPen or Lens Cleaner

You can not remove smudges from the optical elements of your lens with either your fingers without using a lenspen or lens cleaner tool. Lenspen effectively cleans any smudge or tiniest of dust, oil, and water stuck on the glass surface of the lens. It is a must-have accessory for all camera owners. Lenspens have a special liquid that quickly cleans all smudge and grease from the lens. It is very handy when shooting in humid or crowded locations.
Buy: LensPen – Camera Cleaning Kit [USA]

This concludes the list of Top 10 essential DSLR accessories for beginners. These camera accessories are also useful for professional photographers. What are the accessories you recommend for fellow photographers? Let us know in the comments and we will include them in the list.

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