5 Photography Hacks with Everyday Things

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5 Photography Hacks with Everyday Things

Here are 5 powerful Photography Hacks with Everyday Things. These photographs were taken by the very talented 16 year old Photographer and successful Instagrammer Shubhangi Agrawal. You can find more of her work on Instagram @prism_dimension. Her works include a mix of everyday hacks which conveys powerful emotions. 5 Photography Hacks with Everyday Things.

  • Fairy Lights:
    These colorful lights are amazing for bokeh and getting colorful backgrounds. One of the best hacks for indoor shooting. They also act as an alternative to a torch for light painting. You can make different shape and color using different range of fairy lights. Check Fairy Lights here.
    Photography hacks everyday life
    Photography hacks everyday lifeSpinning the lights in different geometrical shapes with slow shutter speed will give you abstract patterns. By moving them in circular path you can create something which may look like a beautiful portal. You can also create blurry effect to convey various emotions. The choice of color should be based on the emotion you want to represent in your work. Warm lights like and Cool lights with bring different effect in the photograph.
  • Colors:
    Poster colors or powdered colors can be amazing for portraits. They add such positive vibes to the photos. Remember to use eco friendly as well as skin friendly colors. Do not use color on animals as it may irritate them. Here you can she how the color has been used with abstract expression for a powerful composition. Shallow depth of field may help you to achieve smooth blur in the background while retaining focus on specific point of interest. Check for eco friendly colors.

everyday photography hacks colors everyday photography tips colors everyday photography hacks colors

  • Glitter:
    It simply goes with everything. They beautify pictures and also let the photographers make use of fast shutter speed. While using glitter the direction of light is very important and will bring different feel depending upon the direction. Use of shallow depth of field will create beautiful bokeh in the photograph. The shine of the glitter can be used creatively. You can use it on portrait subjects. Also try shooting in dark with a single light source to bring in some mystery and interest in the photograph. Get yourself some glitter here.Everyday photography hacks glitter Everyday photography hacks glitter
  • Water:
    Take a jar full of water or simply use a water pipe. Try freezing the water droplets using fast shutter speed or create smooth flow with slow shutter speed. Water is great for action shots. It may be be used in the background, foreground or with the subject itself.  using water splash in photography using water splash in photography
  • Umbrella:
    Umbrellas come in different shapes, colors and sizes. it is a very creative tool for photographers. You can use it in many different ways to create great photographs. If your umbrella does have colorful stripes then you can spin it while using slow shutter speed to create a whirlpool of colors. If not then you can always create some action photographs. Find some colorful umbrella here.using umbrella as a photography hack

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Shubhangi Agrawal

Shubhangi Agrawal is a talented 16 year old Photographer, Instagrammer and Writer. Find more of her works on Instagram @prism_dimension ⇒ Instagram. All images are ©Shubhangi Agrawal and shall not be used anywhere without her permission.

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