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10 Everyday Photography hacks and tips

10 Everyday Photography Hacks and Tricks

Last Updated on August 24, 2015 by PixelPluck

Checkout the 10 Everyday Photography Hacks and Tricks here.
Here are some awesome awesome photography hacks which will not even cost you one dollar. Try these photography hacks today

DigitalRevTv presenter Kai channels his inner MacGyver and shares a few on-the-spot photography tips and cheat codes for the cheap photographer in all of us!

Here is an indexed list of all the Ten Cheat Codes For All Photographers covered in this video with their time reference.

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  • #1: Tripod Sling (1:03). Use key rings to give your tripod a carrying strap.
  • #2: Vasaline Soft Focus (2:17). Rub Vaseline on a sheet of glass for soft focus photos.
  • #3: Tights Soft Filter (4:12). Tights over your lens can give your photos a different look.
  • #4: String Pod (5:25). Use a piece of string to give your camera extra stability.

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string pod diy photography

  • #5: Corn Stabilizer (6:04). Make a simple bag to rest your camera on for stabilization.
  • #6: Poo Roll Macro (7:08). A toilet paper roll can be used for reverse lens macro shots.
  • #7: Strap Filter (7:55). Use your camera strap to modify how scenes are exposed.
  • #8: Bokeh Guru Kit (8:22). Cut shapes into card stock to shoot with custom bokeh.
  • #9: Pinhole Bodycap (8:40). A hole in a body cap turns it into a simple pinhole lens.
  • #10: Beauty Dish (8:59). Turn a pie pan into a beauty dish.

10 Everyday Photography Hacks and Tricks. You can check more here.

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10 Cheat Codes For All Photographers

10 Everyday Photography Hacks and Tricks. Whats your favorite hack? Let us know in comments below.

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