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World’s Most Expensive Camera Lenses Tracked Down

World’s Most Expensive Camera Lenses Tracked Down.

We have seen the battle of biggest zoom lenses in our previous post and this time we are sharing some mind boggling facts about the most expensive camera lenses in the world. We are going to see some of the most expensive camera lenses ever produced for commercial photography purposes.

Companies like Zeiss and Leica charge more for their lenses because detailed care and attention is given to each produced lens. It’s like Samsung VS Apple Product where both are great products with their own advantages and disadvantages.

And don’t worry about your credit card balance, the chances are high that you won’t be able to afford it anyway. So what’s the use? When somebody asks why do you charge so much redirect them here for some fun! 🙂


5. Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG

If you`re into big glass this is the heaven! This is the biggest zoom lens in production right now. The lens weighing roughly 6 kg is certainly going to test your tripod.


Photo by Tobias Hjorth
Photo by Tobias Hjorth

The case is large enough to contain a full grown man and weighs more than the lens itself. The major reason to buy this lens would be to capture moments that are not achievable by using slower lenses.

Price: $25,999.00

4. Nikkor 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8.0 Lens

most expensive nikon lensIt weighs a whopping 36 pounds and measures 3 feet in length. This manual focus lens was introduced in 1993 and had a hefty price tag of $60,000.
It was first used in 1990 at the Koshien Stadium, the baseball ground at which the spring high school baseball tournament is staged.

nikon 1200-1700mm sample imageIt was also used during the french hostage situation to capture photos from safe distance by AP journalists.

Price:  $60,000.00

3. Canon 1200mm– “The Mother of all Canon Telephoto Lenses”

Only a handful of these rare largest canon lenses exist today. B&H Photo dubs it, ‘The Mother of all Telephotos’. It’s more than capable of producing clear images of scenery miles away.

1200mm most expensive digital camera lens
Photo via B&H

B&H has a ‘slightly used’ model priced at $120,000, but supposedly Canon has been custom building new ones since 1993. Minimum focusing distance is at 46 feet.

Price: $120,000.00


2. Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

This rare lens by Nikon was first unveiled at Photokina in 1970. This prime, designed for special scientific and industrial applications, is actually able to see behind itself! It weighs a whopping 5.2 kg and covers an angle of 220º.
You can’t afford it but even if you can, you won’t be able to find it as it’s a rarity.

Price by Auction:  £100,000 ($160,000)

nikon 6mm fisheye most expensive lens

1. Leica 1600mm f/5.6 Telephoto Lens

The most exotic camera lens ever made. A whopping TWO MILLION DOLLARS bombshell.

Sheikh Al-Thani
Sheikh Al-Thani

A Leica lens that you’ll never get to see in real life. Super-rich photo-buff Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar ordered the specially made Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm lens direct from Leica and spent a whopping $2,064,500.00 to get it. This makes it the most expensive consumer camera lens ever made.
The body of the lens is around 1.2-meters long, and it 42cm wide body. It tips the scales at at least 60kg (132lbs). The exact specs are not available, but some figures are known. The focal length is 1600mm, which means it can be used to take pictures extremely far away in a very narrow field of view, about 1.5 degrees. It also fits Leica’s 1.4x and 2x APO tele-converters, which boost the focal length to 2240mm or 3200mm respectively.

Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm Lens
Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm Lens

Because the focal length is so long, it would be hard to get clear images. This is another reason this lens needs very solid tripod support.
Sadly, you’re probably never going to see what this beauty can do. It was delivered to Al-Thani in the year 2006, and no pictures taken with it have ever been made public. That actually makes it even more special and the price gets higher than the $2 million tag.

Price: Way Over $2 Million

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