World Photography Day With Facts Images and Jokes

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World Photography Day With Facts Images and Jokes

World Photo Day is an international photography event on August 19th that celebrates the passion for Photography. World Photo Day originates from the invention of the Daguerreotype process developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre & Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. The date celebrates August 19, 1839, when the French government bought the patent for the daguerreotype and released it “free to the world” and it was first practical photographic process. Today photography has evolved into numerous genres. Celebrate World Photography Day With Facts Images and Jokes and go out and take a Photograph today.

Check which type of photographer are you here.

Types of Photography explained

Viral Photography Images:

Nikkor 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8.0 Lens

Usain Bolt with Nikon D4 at olympics
World’s fastest man Usain Bolt with Nikon D4 at London Olympics which was later auctioned for Charity
olympic dslr
Olympics of DSLRs
nikon chair
Rumor has it that it is the most expensive chair in the world at $20,000
1200mm lens canon
The Monster 1200mm from the house of Canon

Check out the world’s biggest lenses here.

Photography Facts:

  • Today, the number of photographs clicked every two minutes is same as the number of photographs clicked by mankind in 1800s.
  • The first digital camera was created in December 1975, by Steve Sasson, who was an Engineer at Eastman Kodak. The camera weighed 8 pound and recorded 0.01 megapixel black and white photos. It took 23 seconds to create the first photograph.
  • On Sept. 4 1888, George Eastman brought photography to the masses when he received patent for his roll film. He committed suicide in 1932 (at the age of 77). His suicide letter read “My work is done. Why wait?”
  • The largest collection of cameras in the world is held by Dilish Parekh of #Mumbai. He has a collection of 4,425 antique cameras.
  • In terms of number, more than 350 billion photos are now taken worldwide every year. Yes, 350 billion and increasing. Thanks to the constant improvement in the mobile camera capability and affordability of modern cameras.
  • teach your kids photography
    Teach your kids the Art of Photography

Photography Jokes:

  • When Jack London had his portrait made by the noted San Francisco photographer Arnold Genthe, London began the encounter with effusive praise for the photographic art of his friend and fellow bohemian, Genthe. “you must have a wonderful camera…It must be the best camera in the world…You must show me your camera.” Genthe then used his standard studio camera to make what has since become a classic picture of Jack London. When the sitting was finished, Genthe could not contain himself: “I have read your books, Jack, and I think they are important works of art. You must have a wonderful typewriter.” – Anonymous
  • Two photographers are in the men’s room at the urinal. One guy is a Canonian and the other a Nikonian.
    The Nikon guy finishes his business first. He simply zips his fly and heads for the door.
    As he was leaving, the Canon guy turns his head towards him and says “Excuse me, Canon photographers wash our hands when we are finished urinating”.
    The Nikon guy says ” I understand, but us Nikon guys don’t pee on our hands”
  • Top ten reasons to date a photographer:
    ♥ They work well in the dark.
    ♥ They’re used to funny smells.
    ♥ They make things develop.
    ♥ They work well on many settings.
    ♥ They know how to focus.
    ♥ They can make big things look small and small things look big.
    ♥ They work well from many different angles.
    ♥ They zoom in and out. And in and out and in and out and in and out.
    ♥ They shoot in many different locations.
    ♥ They can find the beauty in anything.
  • Having and camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter. – Claude Adams

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