This DxO ONE is a DSLR Quality Camera In Your Pocket

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This DxO ONE is a DSLR Quality Camera In Your Pocket

Smartphones of today are of no match against the entry level DSLR cameras. But the cool guys at DxO Labs have created the best of both worlds. Quality of DSLR in Size of a Phone. DxO Labs is a software company based in Boulogne – Billancourt, France, that develops image processing softwares and maintains a website with technical measurements of lenses and cameras.

1″ SENSOR, f/1.8 MAX APERTURE, 20.2 MEGAPIXELS, 1080p HD VIDEO, ISO 100 – 51,200. Fits easily inside your pocket. Impressive?

It will have a battery life that apparently is good for around 200 photos and an ISO range of 100 to 51,200.DxO designed the camera specifically to work with the Apple iOS ecosystem but would be available on other platforms as well. DxO ONE will also be compatible with all iOS devices that have a Lightning port, save for the first-gen iPad mini.  You can see a quick demo of the product below.



Sliding down the camera lens cover, turns the device ON and an extra push down releases the embedded lighting port plug. Lighting port has 10x the bandwidth of Wi-Fi, which means control access as well as file storage is instantaneous.

DxO One DSLR Iphone camera sample

Offering an impressive level of control, including shutter and aperture priority, full manual control and scene settings, all of which are in line with a entry level DSLR. You can adjust the f-stop up to F/11 and change the shutter speed between 1/8,000th of a second to as slow as 15 seconds. There’s a live exposure meter on the screen.

It shoots in RAW by default, but will automatically output JPEGs as well, sending them directly to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Modern Digital SLRs have adjustable viewfinders and you get similar effect with the DxO One. When it’s attached to the iPhone, you can rotate the connector and iPhone 60 degrees in either direction. If you hold the camera above your head, you can rotate your phone so you can look up and still see the screen/viewfinder. Awesome?

A Selfie mode is preinstalled. To access it, you detach the iPhone, rotate it 180 degrees and plug it back into the DxO One’s lighting plug. Now the camera and viewfinder are facing you.

To Take a photo you can use the soft button on the screen, or two-stage physical button on the DxO One. The first light press focuses the camera and the full press takes the picture.

Image and Video Quality

DxO can shoots videos too. It outputs 1080p footage at 30 fps in standard mode and 720p at 120fps for slow-mo. Not at all impressive when even your Iphone can shoot at 240fps.

A major drawback is it lacks zoom. This gives you the feel of using a fixed focal length prime lens. Sony’s Lens Type cameras had attachable devices that looked like nothing but zoom lens. They, too, attached to the iPhone and used the smartphone as a viewfinder, but were actually connected via Wi-Fi. The considerably larger cameras and odd design failed to connect with consumers.

Here are some of the sample images from DxO One

Shutter speed of 1/8000sec to 15sec combined with f1.8 and a 20MP sensor!!
Shutter speed of 1/8000 sec to 15 sec combined with f1.8 and a 20MP sensor!!
DXO ONE low light RAW sample image
DxO ONE has an impressive one-inch, 20.2 megapixel sensor combined with f1.8. It delivers vibrant, high resolution shots, even in low light.

DxO ups the ante with a second RAW shooting mode called, naturally, Super RAW. Designed for extreme-low-light situations, Super RAW takes four RAW images and then compares them to intelligently remove the graininess that naturally occurs.

Control depth of field and capture a lovely bokeh effect with DxO ONE’s variable aperture. It’s adjustable from f/1.8 down to f/11.
Control depth of field and capture a lovely bokeh effect with DxO ONE’s variable aperture. It’s adjustable from f/1.8 down to f/11.

DxO will start shipping in September this year for around  US $599. Its a little expensive but it’s a full-blown pro camera in its own right, and with the iPhone it becomes something extraordinary.

It’s an intriguing entry into the prosumer smartphone camera update market & This DxO ONE is promising to be a DSLR Quality Camera In Your Pocket.

What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in comments.

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