Photographing the 2015 Champions League Final

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Photographing the 2015 Champions League Final.

How does it feel to cover one of the biggest events in soccer? It must be a dream for every aspiring sports photographer to cover an event of such magnitude. The pressure is as much as on the players. Both of them have a job at hand and it has to be executed to the best of their abilities.  Check out this behind the scenes video from a pro photographer.

Chief photographer Joel Marklund of the Swedish photo agency Bildbyrån recently photographed the 2015 Champions League final match between powerhouses Barcelona and Juventus.

In addition to shooting with his DSLRs, Marklund used a small action camera to document his day from waking up at 3:55am to catch a flight to getting in a car to leave Berlin the next morning. Check the video here to learn more.

Chief photographer Joel Marklund showed here what its like to be a professional photographer who covers a UEFA event.

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