Photographers Made Portraits of Their Babies in Camera Bags

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Photographers Made Portraits of Their Babies in Camera Bags.
A camera is like a baby to a photographer. It stay well protected and rests in comfort of the expensive camera bags with multiple layered protection. These compartmentalized backpacks are protective and soft, are perfect makeshift cribs for little ones. Bags come in all types. Some can contain all your gear — from your biggest lenses, to your array of flashes. Others are slim and compact, intended for no more than a single body and lens. But here is what Photographers are doing. They made adorable portraits of their babies in Camera Bags and submitted to various forums.

Here are some of the adorable portraits.

Here is a task to the ‘Photo&GadgetGeeks’. Can you Identify the camera Bags used here? Tell us in comments. Ask on Reddit, Twitter, FB 😉

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