Photograph of the Year 2016 by NatGeo

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Photograph of the Year 2016 by NatGeo.

Bob Burton the chief of photography at National Geography choose this iconic image of a leaping Shark and it has been chosen as the Photograph of the Year 2016 by National Geographic.

Every year thousands of images are submitted to the yourshot gallery of national geographic and the best is showcased at the end of the year. The year 2016 saw many iconic photos being framed by both amateurs and professional photographers and this is certainly one of the top shots of the year 2016.

Note: Check here: NatGeo Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 Announced

The photo below was incorrect and widely circulated on various social media which was later found to be a work of graphic artist. Please check the link above for the winners.

Photograph of the Year 2016 by NatGeo - Shark
Photograph of the Year 2016 by Alexyx2d

EDIT: The Photo has was a hoax widely circulated on internet. It is a work of graphics artist Alexyx2d.

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