Nikon D5 Specification And Upcoming Features

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Nikon D5 Specification And Upcoming Features.

Update: Nikon just announced that Nikon D5 is under development. Read full story and other details here. (18/11/2015).

Meet Nikon’s D5 DSLR. It is rumored to come with native 4K and a huge native ISO of 102,400. D5 would be the first Nikon DSLR to offer 4K video recording capabilities. Nikon has always been a solid player in the camera market and their 4K DSLR promise to be no exception to the quality rule. Thus, the rumors about the upcoming Nikon D5 are exciting. Given the strong performance of the previous camera in this line, the D4, the rumors about the D5 are causing excitement, and they are arriving awfully soon to boot. The D4’s first birthday was just a few months ago.

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While none of this is yet officialy confirmed, a 4K recording capability and a native maximum ISO of 102,400 is exciting. A 102,400 native ISO would be a huge leap up from the 25,600 native maximum offered in the D4s. The D4s has an expanded ISO of up to 409,600, so one can only imagine what kind of expanded ISO the D5 (with native max ISO 102.400) would offer.

Nikon D5 Official Product Specs Reviews

These possible specs come to us courtesy of the site Nikon Rumors and supposedly come from insider sources at Nikon. Earlier Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera sort of included the resolution when it emerged earlier in 2015 but with that model the 4K came at only 15 fps, which is nowhere nearly a fast enough frame rate for what you could really call smooth ultra HD video.

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Nikon D5 – Specification And Upcoming Features. Check out the latest information on Nikon D5 DSLR. Coming with amazing low light capabilities. Check specs.

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Nikon D5 Dual handgrip
This was a proposed Nikon D5 tetra grip image in circulation by the creative artists community 🙂

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