Maternity Photo Shoot Photography Ideas and Tips

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What a heavenly feeling it is to hold a baby for 9 months! Isn’t it? How about capturing such feelings in a professional photoshoot and cherishing such memories for a lifetime? If that sounds great to you then read further to get Maternity Photo Shoot Photography Ideas and Tips.

Hiring the best maternity photographer

Inarguably, the most important feature in a pregnancy photoshoot, after the woman’s pregnant belly, is the photographer. You cannot go wrong in finding a maternity photographer for your shoot. Identify a photographer that is experienced in doing a pregnancy photoshoot and holds a specialization in it. A photographer should be able to knock down all the details of a professional pregnancy photoshoot. Make sure that you check previous works that the photographer has done. If you find it creative and acceptable then go ahead with your booking.

Keep it simple

Follow some basic rules when you are doing the photography yourself. Read photography tutorials for the best ideas. The idea of having a pregnancy photoshoot is to capture a beautiful mother carrying her baby and anticipating the arrival of the baby. It’s a miracle that is about to happen in few months, so try capturing the feeling of a much-awaited baby by keeping the shoot simple. Also, get yourself a prime lens for best results.

Feel Confident and Beautiful

It is true that at the time of pregnancy women generally don’t feel pretty about their bodies. They go through a lot of hormonal changes and that affects their moods tremendously. Therefore, at the time of the shoot, make sure that the photographer makes the woman feel beautiful in her body. It’s the job of everybody involved in the shoot to bring out the beauty of the mother-to-be. Explain the entire workflow in advance to help her build confidence for the maternity photo shoot.
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Choose your clothes wisely

Your choice of outfit for the photoshoot should involve comfort as it will help in embracing the pregnant body. For pregnancy photography, it is advisable to go for a button-down shirt as it helps in clicking classy belly photos. You can always take suggestions from the photographer as far as selecting clothes for the shoot is concerned.
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Be Creative

It is a good idea to think out-of-the-box while doing a pregnancy photoshoot. A photographer should continuously try to be innovative in their approaches and make the mother along with the entire family feel special about this kid in the womb. A creative photographer will know how to highlight some unique aspects of the mother and the family in the photos.

maternity photoshoot ideas

Relax and Feel Comfortable

There is no need for you to feel nervous or anxious at the time of the pregnancy photoshoot. Try putting on some favorite music and concentrate on connecting with your baby. Feeling the joy of having a baby inside you is of more significance than smiling for the camera, all the time. Remember, nothing is supposed to be perfect. So, just relax and be yourself with the baby. Take a deep breath and be you! You will be much happier with your photoshoot experience.

Deciding the Right Location

Different locations will set different feel to the photoshoot. It is a good idea to do the pregnancy photoshoot at multiple locations to get more vibes and dynamism. Different lighting setups will create unique photography conditions. Using external flash for maternity photoshoots can bring subtle shapes and perspectives that are simply not visible otherwise. Decide whether to shoot indoors or outdoors and build your theme around it.


You don’t have to be in a big city like New York or London to go for professional pregnancy photography. You can also get good qualified pregnancy photographers in your city to carry out the task in a tasteful manner. The whole idea of having a pregnancy photoshoot is to document your pregnancy and keep it as a happy memory frozen in time. It is best to go for the shoot when the mother is in the 7th month of pregnancy as she is likely to look and feel more confident then. Make sure that the photographer captures the emotions and not just photographs. This concludes our Maternity Photo Shoot Photography Ideas and Tips. Share your best ideas in the comment section below. Check out the gallery below for more maternity photography ideas.

Maternity Photoshoot FAQ

When to do a maternity photo shoot?

The ideal time for a maternity photoshoot is the 7th month of pregnancy or the 32nd to 36th week.

What is the best cloth for a pregnancy photo shoot?

A flowing dress with open shoulders is the best cloth for maternity and pregnancy photoshoots.

How long it takes for a maternity photo shoot?

Typically it will take an hour or two at one location to get the best photos.

Which is better for a maternity photoshoot? Indoor or outdoor location?

Both indoor and outdoor are equally good depending upon the photoshoot theme.

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