iPhone 7 Camera Samples are Revolutionary

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iPhone 7 Camera Samples are Revolutionary.

The iPhone cameras have evolved a lot since the first iPhone was launched way back in 2007. Better quality and ever improving algorithm and technology have pushed the compact cameras into oblivion. The introduction of instagram was another game changer. Let us find out if iPhone 7 Camera Samples are Revolutionary.

A combination of good smartphone camera and instant social sharing ability have made everyone a photographer or at-least infused the interest to be a better photographer than just average. Here are few initial samples shot on iPhone 7 plus all new camera system.

Good contrast and Dynamic Range
Good contrast and Dynamic Range

The new iPhone 7 cameras are very much capable of achieving great details and bokeh using artificial intelligence algorithm. But is that the future we are heading towards? Decades ago the introduction of affordable compact digital cameras ended the era of film camera. Now it belongs to the vintage section. The smartphone will make a similar impact on the digital compact cameras. We are already seeing the effects as the sales of compact cameras declined by a huge margin over the last few years.

Metering handles well.
Metering handles well.
NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium/Nashville, Credit: David Klutho
NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium/Nashville, Credit: David Klutho
No loss of color even on high contrast

According to Apple, new and improved 12MP sensor on iPhone 7 is 60 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient with 4 LEDs at the back that help to illuminate the surrounding. iPhone 7 Plus sports a dual camera and sports a 10x zoom feature. The 1-2x is optical while the 2x-10x is dependent on software and telephoto lens. Apple says that the additional lens will help software in creating shallow depth of field to give a DSLR like feel. The cameras come with f/1.8 aperture which should help in low light as well as creating shallow depth of field. All this is complimented well by a better screen on the iPhone 7.

camera bokeh iphone 7
low light and bokeh performance

With an exclusive opportunity to photograph the US Open with an unreleased iPhone 7 Plus, Photographer Nordeman documented the world’s greatest tennis tournament from the intimate perspective of a participant.

IPhone 7 closeup portrait
The portrait sample looks crisp and punchy.

iPhone 7 Camera Samples are Revolutionary

iphone 7 at us open samples
Men’s final action between Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka (Landon Nordeman for ESPN)

The photographs especially the one’s taken at US open looks fantastic for a smartphone camera. It may be argued that the condition were good with a sunny weather but still the performance stands out. The iPhone particularly does well in the back-light shots where it retains enough details in the shadow. Gone are the days for over the top HDRs with the ever improving camera system on smartphones. But for now to all the Phone Photographers, is this the one?

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