nasa 2540mm lens

Gigantic NASA Mirror Lens With 2540mm Focal Length Is On Sale

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Gigantic NASA Mirror Lens With 2540mm Focal Length Is On Sale.

NASA does have some of the coolest gear on earth and space, but this one stands out well. This humongous mirror lens has appeared on eBay and is available for US $33,500.00 or as auction.

Huge ! ! !

Huge mirror lens 2540mm focal length, aperture F/8 ! ! !
These lenses were used by the NASA for tracking the Saturn V or similar.
I was told by the grandson of its producer John H. Ransom, that the tragedy of
the Space Shuttle Challenger was tracked and filmed with Jonel lenses
( the most of them are still in use ).
They used high speed 70mm movie cameras like the Photosonics 70mm 10R with
up to 125 fps on 6×6 frames ( this camera is also for sale, seperate )
It is a Schmidt-Cassegrain design with a two element field corrector to produce a 57x57mm image format ( 80mm image diameter or more ).
This lens is unique. Optics mint, barrel mint- ( some loss of paint ).
The barrel is incorporating a system to avoid humidity inside, it is very rigid, and the design is very sophisticated, compared to modern Astro cameras.

Original cost : a family home.
180 pounds in original case. Ask me for tripod and head and for focusing units.” says the seller on listing page.

Now you can only imagine the kind of Tripod unit you will need for them!! It is more likely that no one will buy it to shoot photographs but rather as a collection. How much will you pay for it if you had the money ?

nasa 2540mm lens

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