Follow Me Series Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him One Last Time

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Follow Me Series Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him One Last Time.

Murad Osmann is a Russian Photographer. He has been shooting a hugely popular series of photos titled “Follow Me” showing his significant other leading him through scenic locations around the world, from his point of view. Recently Osmann’s girlfriend led him by the hand one last time in the photo above during their wedding.

Osmann documented his proposal and announced their engagement back in July 2014. Here is an image he posted back then.

wedding proposal photography osman follo wme


Two days before the wedding, Osmann documented their wedding preparations in the same style which he has been documenting his travel for a few years now.

ossman followme

“Backstage of the main wedding shot. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit all of our beautiful, different and hip guests, but you can definitely see some of them”

follow me murad ossman

Osmann also had props set up in the venue for a fantasy version of the aisle shot.

ossman followmeto

In case you haven’t been following along with the series, here are some newer additions to his project :

murad ossman

brazin follow me to

follow me to ossman murad

follow me to ossman

hollowwood follow me to

india follow me

udaipur follow me to

You can follow along with this project on Osmann’s Instagram account and find behind-the-scenes photos from it on his second @followmetraveller account. The project has also been published as a 224-page photo book titled “Follow Me To: A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers.”

Source : @muradosmann

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