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6 DSLR Techniques for Better Photography

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Photographers, whether professional or simply recreational picture takers, can always find room for improvement. For those who are not familiar with the term, DSLR stands for “digital single-lens reflex.” This describes the reaction of the mirror within the camera, and it pops up whenever you take a picture to allow light to travel through the lens, reaching the sensor inside. In this article, you will find the 6 DSLR Techniques for Better Photography.

Here are some very useful tips that work best for a DSLR.

Accessing your Camera’s Aperture Modes

When using a DSLR you are using your camera in a manual mode. Aperture is the adjustable opening in the lens that limits how much light comes in. Once you have mastered this type of use of your camera, manual usage becomes easier. You can have the subject in focus with the background blurred. It adds such a nice touch to the overall portrait. This gives the photographer more artistic freedom.

Use the Highest Quality Accessories

Choosing a longer lens or a sturdy tripod is a great way to capture your subjects at their best. A good tripod allows a steady shot. Unless your subject is on the move, this is a great idea. Using a flexible camera bag that moves with you when you are out on a photoshoot. Quality tools and accessories are an essential part of this trade.

Change your Perspective

Sometimes it is best to change your point of view. For example, on a beach photoshoot look around, look behind your subject. The waves change so often, maybe changing your stance to capture the crashing wave behind your subject is a better angle. Another technique to find interesting perspectives is to look up. This works well with tall subjects like skyscrapers.

Add Special Effects and Shadowing

Research what programs you like to use best, but Photoshop and Lightroom a great editing tools. Not all photos need to be fixed, so to speak, but what seems to work best and get the most shots is when you fill up that memory card just snapping shots that feel right. Taking as many pictures as possible and then going back to review is another fantastic tip for all photographers.

Utilize the Light and the White Balance Setting

Outside light is constantly fluctuating, which can either help or hinder a good photoshoot. If the light is not positioned correctly, the subject can look hazy or shadowed. Pollution can cast odd colors and the particles can interrupt a clear shot. Many different settings are depending on the camera including auto, fluorescent, and shade. Getting familiar with these settings. Applying the right look can make a difference in the overall portrait or picture. Use external flash for best creative results and control of light.

Familiarize yourself with Autofocus

Using a focus point that is closest to your subject allows for greater clarity. It is a good idea to hold the button down halfway and refocus throughout the shoot. Again, capturing many shots, changing your angle, and snagging the best focal points are very helpful. Familiarize yourself with a few simple techniques and tricks of the trade and watch your photography evolve. There are endless ways to discover what your DSLR can do. Take risks with your techniques! There is no “wrong” way to explore photography.

This concludes our guide to 6 simple DSLR techniques for better photography. Learn to experiment and be creative in the process. The best way to improve in photography is to learn by doing.

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