Cheap Indoor Photo shoot Lighting Tips

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Cheap Indoor Photo shoot Lighting Tips.

When the weather is dull outside and you don’t have the best natural light to play with then you can create setups for indoor photo shoot. Its always good to use the natural light from the windows as your main light source, for more professional adjustments you may add on some artificial source of light of correct intensity and temperature. Here are some good to start with lighting tips. Cheap Indoor Photo shoot Lighting Tips.

Lighting Options
What are the various options for indoor photography lighting?

single light portrait setup
Single light portrait setup

On camera Flash or Speedlite.
Well, first off there’s the Flashgun or Speedlite , when used alone, the lighting can be quite harsh. However, there are many different attachments like a softbox, ring light and diffusers which soften the light for a more natural look. The plus point to a flash gun is that it is lightweight and can be used whenever, wherever. If you’re on a budget, you can pick a cheap but reliable one up for about $50. Branded ones from Nikon and Canon may cost you up-to few hundred dollars for a few additional features and slightly more reliability.
One of the cheapest, highest rated and best selling Flashgun is from Yongnuo. Check Yongnuo 560 IV.

Off Camera Flash Photography Studio Lighting Kit.
These portable softboxes are designed to work with your Hotshoe Flashguns and Speedlites. They come with a carry case, a mounting bracket for your flash and a fully collapsible stand. On the downside, they take some time to set up, so make sure you have the time to put aside to getting everything into position and accurate. It’s another affordable option if you are doing a planned photo shoot. Check out the off camera flash kits.

Continuous Softbox Lighting
As the name suggests, it provides continuous source of light. This will produce a continuous light similar to natural daylight. After little practice you will understand that they are easy to use. The setup may consist of single of multiple light sources. You can use window light as primary source and then counter balance the shadow part with the continuous softbox light. Check out the softbox lighting kits.

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