Photography Basics

Detailed List Of All Lens Abbreviations

Detailed List Of All Nikon Lens Abbreviations All the lenses have markings and abbreviations on them become confusing for the hobbyists or sometimes even for professionals. Lens naming convention can sometimes be rather complex, because the manufacturers use letters and abbreviations to identify different lens components. Knowing what each of those …

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10 Questions To Critique Your Photo

photo by Jeremia Bostwick

10 Questions To Critique Your Photo. Be a critic of your own photographs. Learn how to evaluate your photography. Try out these tip questions when judging your photographs. If you find some mistake then improve upon them. 1. Are there any distracting elements? The key to getting rid of distracting objects in …

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Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Camera

Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Camera Explained

There are many different types of digital cameras. The major difference between all the digital cameras is their sensor which is responsible for sensing light coming in through the lens. In this article, you will understand the difference between a Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Camera. What is a Camera …

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