Amazing Rainbow Contrail Captured By Photographer

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Amazing Rainbow Contrail Captured By Photographer

Yutaka Kagaya is a Japanese photographer, astronomer, traditionally known for capturing otherworldly vistas with his celestial photography. He took it to whole next level when he photographed aero-planes piercing through different cloud layers and producing a visually pleasing phenomenon called Rainbow Contrail.

Rainbow contrails occur as a result of stratification when there are small and larger droplets affecting different wavelengths of light in the atmosphere.contrail photography This results in visible colored layers in the sky which produces a rainbow contrail when there is a sudden reduction of pressure in the air. This is usually caused by a plane passing by, leading multi-colored droplets to freeze and follow the plane during wake turbulence.

The Camera & Lens setup included one from the biggest telephoto lenses on the planet.

You can read more about Rainbow Contrails phenomenon here.

kagaya rainbow contrail
A closer look !

For those who are wondering about settings, the above photograph was taken with a Sony A7R II and Sigma APO 200-500 mm lens at f2.8, ISO 100, and 1/8000.

Amazing Rainbow Contrail Captured By Photographer.

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