8 DSLR Photography Hacks in 2 minutes
8 DSLR Photography Hacks in 2 minutes

8 DSLR Photography Hacks in 2 minutes

Last Updated on December 16, 2016 by PixelPluck

8 DSLR Photography Hacks in 2 minutes

Here are 8 quick DSLR Photography hacks explained in 2 minutes. Photographer Peter McKinnon compiled these hacks and you can see the two minutes video here. We have already done multiple photography hack tutorials which you can check out here. Watch 8 DSLR Photography Hacks in 2 minutes.

Most the items used in these hacks are common everyday things that are available with you. Accessories like belt, knife.

According to McKinnon,these are the 8 camera hacks which he uses frequently when he is shooting in the field and need to rig something up in a pinch. Most of these items can be carried or found around you at any given time!

The hacks include:

  1. Belt Sling: Attach and suspend your camera from a belt to produce stabilized camera steady shots.
  2. Coffee Hood: Add a coffee cup sleeve to your lens for a cheap hood.
  3. Dream Chap: Add chap-stick to your lens for an easy blur effect. It would be wise to use it on a lens protector or filter.
  4. Cello-lens: Add cellophane over a lens to distort the image.
  5. Shade Blend: Snap through a pair of sunglasses for a natural Instagram filter. You can also use gradient sunshade for gradient effect.
  6. Knife Blade: Introduce reflections by placing a shiny knife beneath the lens. You can also use a small mirror for creative effects.
  7. Torch Flare: Shine the camera between the camera sensor and the lens to introduce a light leak effect.
  8. Smart Flare: You can even use your smartphone to create fancy effects while on the go.

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Here is the complete video where McKinnon explains how to do these photography hacks.

Let us know your favorite photography hack in comments below and we may include it our next post. Happy Shooting!

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