5 Tips for Better Candid Photography

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5 Tips for Better Candid Photography

The best photographs are always those that have been taken during natural moments and actions. Maybe during that perfect smile, or when you’re engrossed in some action that makes you unaware of being photographed, a candid shot can always deliver more enthralling photographs at its best.

What is candid photography?

Candid photographs are when the subject (or subjects) is unaware of being photographed while engrossed in some kind of action like smiling, reading, talking, thinking, etc. They are mostly unpredictable and impossible to shoot while posing. As a general rule, candid snaps are more difficult to obtain and depends on the ability of the photographer. A good photographer can always find candid snaps in any scenario including festivals, arena events, and weddings .

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Here are 5 Tips for Better Candid Photography.

  • Lose the Flash
    Candid shots are best taken when the subject is unaware of being photographed. This means if you don’t use flash, you have a lesser chance of being discovered. Most photographs without flash, especially those in low light situations, give off a very natural aura if taken properly with the right settings. It is important to have your photograph look as natural as possible if you want it to be candid.
  • Positioning Matters.
    It is the photographer’s expertise to position themselves around a subject that gives them the viewing advantages for spotting and capturing candid shots during an event. The best shots are those taken from unexpected places that give the photos a unique feel.  You can keep a foreground subject that’s out of focus to emphasize the subject in the frame like photographing over someone’s shoulder.
  • Actions and perspectives.
    The most important aspect of a candid photograph is to ensure that the subject does not appear posed. This is best countered using actions and different perspectives or view angles. Photographing people in action are easy to shoot in scenarios like weddings, parties and in festivals. For photos that involve commercial motives, changing the perspective such as shooting from below can help make the image seem candid.

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  • Using the burst mode.
    It is hard to predict the perfect moment for your candid snap and more often than not, it can turn out blurred or distorted in focus. The burst mode allows you to take a series of photographs as parts of a single shot taken over a specific duration of time. This allows you to actively select the perfect snap that makes it look candid and discarding the rest, thus increasing your chances of capturing that perfect shot.
  • Telephoto Lens.
    A telephoto lens allows you to take shots from afar while making it seem close up. You can get truly amazing candid shots from a fair distance off as the subjects in this case have no clue they are being photographed. You can also create foreground subjects more effectively owing to the large view distance.

candid photography tricks

Patience is the name of the game.
Candid shots are hard to come by as they depend on the best photographable moments to be exhibited by the subject. The best virtue that can assist a photographer in this case, especially for wedding photographs, is patience. Take all the time you would need to wait and snap that perfect shot and it doesn’t matter if it takes long to come by. The beauty of candid snaps lies in perfection.

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