22 Ways To Annoy A Photographer

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22 Annoying Things that you should tell to a photographer at your own Risk.

Checklist of 22 Ways To Annoy A Photographer

Lets check out the list of annoying things that people say to a photographer. Have got your own list?? Share with us in comments. Don’t forget to share


1. Your camera takes really nice pictures!
Next time you hear this, tell that you taught it to do so.

2. You’re not allowed to take photos here.

3. Can’t you just Photoshop that?

4. Can I have all the rejected photos too?

5. I hate having my photo taken. Please don’t include me in group/event photos.

6. I wanted to invite you to my event, you should bring your camera!

7. If I had a camera like that I could take the same photos you do.

8. You don’t have a degree, so you’re not really a professional.

9. It must be easy to run a photography business.

10. Wow is that a DSLR? That must make you an amazing photographer!

sam haskins camera vs stove joke

11. Your job must be so easy, all you do is click a button all day!

12. My smartphone takes better pictures than your camera.

13. Can you take your watermark off the photos you posted on your website/Facebook? My xyz wants to print them.

14. Can I pay you in 3 installments over one year? My wedding really took a lot out of my pockets!

15. Why is the background blurry like that?

16. I only need a few photos taken, is that cheaper?

17. OMG I love your work!! Would you edit this selfie for my Facebook page?

18. What’s the discount if I edit the pictures myself? I use Picasa !

19. Photography is easy, because the camera does all the work.


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20. Photography is not a real art like painting or sculpting where you need to build your skills. For photography you just need a good eye.

21. Canon or Nikon, Which is Better? Does Sony make cameras?

22. Can I put my watermark on the photos you took? Because I have paid you to cover our event.

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