20 Jokes that Are Out of Your Depth of Field

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20 Jokes that Are Out of Your Depth of Field

Here are 20 new Photography jokes, one liners and humor that you may not have heard before. Have fun reading these and you can also use them while on the job.  Or we may just say that these are the 20 Jokes that Are Out of Your Depth of Field.

  1. “Everything I know about white balance I learned from reading 50 shades of grey.”
  2. “Do not talk while shooting long exposure, or the photo will be noisy.”
  3. “The fastest way to make money in photography is to sell your camera.”
  4. “Watching a beautiful sunset with my girlfriend and thinking 1/250s at f8”
  5. “How do you end up with a small fortune doing photography? Start with a large fortune.”
  6. “How many photographers does it take to change a light-bulb?
    1 to change the bulb, 99 to say – I could’ve done that.”
  7. What’s the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and a struggling photographer?
    A large pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.”
  8. “One camera? Amateur
    Two cameras? Professional
    Three cameras? Assistant”
  9. “Imagine if you were out taking sunset photos at the beach and you saw someone in trouble in the water while an amazing sunset was occurring. You have two choices; save the person from a near-certain death, or capture the sunset.
    The difficult question is, what ISO would you use?”
  10. “Oh, yeah, I can afford a Leica!”
    Photographer vs Phoneographer
  11. Why shouldn’t photographers smoke?
    It takes them hours to light anything.
  12. “I accidentally left a memory card in my pocket and it went through the washing machine…I pulled the card out at the end and checked the files.
    The photos were all there… A Little washed out though.”
  13. “Your aperture won’t be the only thing opening up tonight.”
  14. “”She wants me for my D – slr”
  15. “An annoying kid asked me which is the best Canon lens? I said go to ‘L.”
  16. “What is photographer’s favorite beer?
    Natural Light.”
  17. “When I forget to put in my contacts and inevitably end up squinting, multiple people tend to ask me if I need glasses. I’ve started replying with “Nah, I just live life on a low f-stop”
  18. Two girls;
    ”Sit still he’s going to focus.”
    ”What, both of us?”
  19. “Switch to RAW and flash them.”
  20. “These joke are out of most people’s depth-of-field.”

What are your favorite photography jokes, one liners and humor? Do not forget to share with us in comments below.

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