15 Signs Of A Wannabe Photographer

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15 Signs Of A Wannabe Photographer.

With the dawn of digital age, the photography equipment got cheaper and now anyone can buy a camera. Oh well ! You don’t even have to buy a camera , just buy a Smartphone and you already have it there. Start clicking snapshots of flowers, food and selfies and then call yourself a “photographer” !! What about all those who invest so much of time and money over the years to earn the tag of being called a photographer? So where is the difference?

Now a days everyone is becoming a Photographer (read tagging themselves as Photographer). So does that mean, just because you know how to press a button (which is called shutter) you should call yourself as a Photographer? Just because you can take a photo (mostly food and selfie), apply few filters, write your name on it along with a BIG COPYRIGHT LOGO you should call yourself a photographer? Oh wait! You also have a Facebook Page with so many followers (read other wannabes and close friends) so you should call yourself a photographer?

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But if you have most the qualities mentioned below then you could well be a ‘WANNABE’  Photographer. Avoid these signs to be different from wannabes.

  1. Megapixels matter more than any other specification. The more the megapixels the better the photo. Compare a 23 megapixel Phone with a 16 megapixel DSLR.
  2. Zoom comes at second spot. Give him a camera with XX zoom and he will guarantee you photos as good as that of Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry and the other few names he/she knows.
  3. The size of lens is directly proportional to the quality of Photograph. Settings don’t matter.
  4. Never ever use the viewfinder, they are so small compared to the LCD screen. They are fancy items.
  5. Keep the date and time-stamp on. People should know the exact second the image was clicked.
  6. Worldwide presence : A facebook page, a flickr page, a 500px page, a wordpress blog, a tumblr blog, an instagram page and wherever its Free.
  7. Turn every photo into black and white ( and your Photographs becomes Masterpieces which will go down in the history as all time greatest)
  8. Shoot Flowers, Food and Selfie. There is no better subject as these three. They constitute the Holy Trinity. Keep posting the mirror selfies with your new DSLR or Smartphone and posting as your profile image to announce to the world, that you have automatically won the tag of being a Photographer.
  9. Beg for Likes. Hey I posted a photo so like it please. Hey I have a Photography Page so follow it please.
  10. Filters in instagram app & in picasa presets are the greatest photographic post processing tool. You can even click sh*t and apply those filter to achieve great results. Color Pop ; You make the whole photo black and white except the red lipstick on her lips.
  11. Write a comment below the photos posted by those stupid photographers (read professionals) ; Oh ! Thats a fake photoshopped image!
  12. Photoshop is the only great software in this Universe.
  13. Add a wide border, add dark vignettes, oversaturate it, add some lens flare, shoot up the contrast and there you have it ! (Why not even vomit on it? Would add some taste and smell too.)
  14. If nothing works then blow the snapshot with an HDR like no other. The dynamic range being so high that the viewer should fail to realize that it was some photo.
  15. Add a Giant watermark along with your name, this is the most important thing. This ensures that the masterpieces are never stolen.

What do you think? Get involved, comment below.

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  1. To be fair, everybody starts somewhere and, with such immediate availability & influence, the newbies naturally follow suit. Those truly serious about turning pro will soon realize what works or not, and how much actual cost is involved. For the majority it’s a fantasy; a pastime ~ cheap gear + apps = endless fun, but to the dedicated, research & resources mean some hard learning curve, so let the wannabes enjoy while they can. 🙂
    As an amateur who did most on your list, I know it’s amusing when the pro hat doesn’t fit, but I do have a good eye and am getting some valuable experience.

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