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10 Ways To Improve Your Photography

10 Ways To Improve Your Photography

Last Updated on January 2, 2017 by PixelPluck

10 Ways To Improve Your Photography.

Here is a collection of tips you can go out and try today to improve your photography and develop your creative eye. Pay no attention to the order, they are all completely random. 10 ways to improve your Photography.

1. Learn the basics, if you haven’t already: Basics of photography include how aperture, shutter speed, & ISO work together and composition, which is essentially the placing of a subject within the frame of a photograph and lighting.

2. Take Your Camera Everywhere: With a camera in your pocket or bag you’ll find yourself looking for opportunities to use it and when you start looking at the world in that way you’ll start to see if differently.

3. Simplify Things: Keep your photos as simple as possible. Spend a month Shooting with just one lens. The usefulness of this should be apparent: you’ll be forced to be more creative and effective with your composition skills.

4. Change Genres: All good photographers have their specialty, whether street, portrait, landscape, or macro photography. Each genre comes with its own challenges, and conquering challenges represents an increase in skill and knowledge, both of which make for better photographers. Furthermore, you will find it easier to experiment, as the skills you acquire in one genre may influence another.

Photo: KiNachinayuschy
Photo: KiNachinayuschy

5. Refine Your Vision: Choose an everyday household object — it could be absolutely anything. Take at least 10 different photos of this item from different angles, under different lighting conditions, using different focal lengths. Pick a new item once a day or once a week, it doesn’t matter; the aim is to find the uniqueness in the ordinary. No longer will you be content to see things as they are on the surface, you will learn to recognize intriguing colors, shapes, patterns, and shadows. It will change your perspective and the way you “see.”

6. Get up close: Get as close to your subject as you can. Use your feet, and use your zoom lens (if you have one) to fine-tune your composition. Get rid of anything that doesn’t give some important context to understand your photo fully.

7. Shoot RAW: If you want the best images, you need to ensure you are taking them at the highest quality. Compact digital cameras tend to use the JPEG picture format, but if your camera has the option to use RAW or TIFF, then use it, as these formats, unlike JPEG, are lossless, so you won’t lose any picture information.

8. Image editing: You only really need to learn a few basic tools, such as the Crop, Levels, curves, color balance tools to adjust the light balance in your picture.

9. Study: Study the photography of others, particularly the “masters.” Learn what it is about their work that makes it so good. It isn’t about copying them but incorporating their tried-and-true techniques into your own style.

10. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE !! EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT !! LEARN ! : There is no substitute to practice. The more you practice the more you discover and learn.

Of course you can’t do all of these at once, but any time you feel you need a boost, be sure to check back here. Each tip here will help you improve in some way or other. If you don’t have a DSLR then get yourself one and also a prime lens like a 50mm. It will open up new creative horizons and overcome limitations. Also join photography groups on flickr / facebook and learn from others.

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